Washington Post on Stranger Things: “utterly transcendent”

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The Washington Post writes this glowing review of Stranger Things and recommends it as a film to catch on Video On Demand.

Film critic Ann Hornaday says “Eleanor Burke and Ron Eyal’s feature debut is an uncommon love story, less about romance than the fine web of compassion that supports and defines spiritual grace.”

The review continues:

Burke films her protagonists’ faces — as well as the rich natural world that surrounds them — with discrete, observant sensitivity, allowing their stories to unfold at an unforced pace that leaves most conventional questions unanswered. By the time “Stranger Things” reaches its slow-building conclusion, viewers may be astonished at how much they feel they know about these characters, and how invested they are in their well-being.

Click here to read the full review or pick up a copy of The Washington Post on Friday July 5th, when this review will appear in print.

Stranger Things is available now on iTunes, Amazon, and other video-on-demand platforms.

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