Silly headline but worth a butchers

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AdeelAkhtarAdeel Akhtar talked about his favourite films in the Metro last week. The paper did an interesting job of twisting his words to create a sensationalised headline, but it’s a nice piece. Adeel’s top films, for all those wondering, are My Beautiful Launderette, Made in Britain, Les 400 coupsMe And You And Everyone We Know and, lastly, Amour, of which he said:

I really like the fact the director has the courage to move the narrative along at a natural pace. After a while, you forget you are watching a film and feel like a witness to events. It reminds me of an indie film I did a couple of years ago called Stranger Things, which has a similarly naturalistic feel.

To uncover the mystery of the daft headline and read the article, click here!

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