Excellent review of “Stranger Things”

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Matthew Connolly of the Times Herald-Record, who saw “Stranger Things” at Woodstock, has given it an “excellent” rating in his review.

Connolly writes:

A nuanced and perfectly-proportioned character study, Stranger Things attunes itself to those small shifts in trust and temperament that occur when two strangers first discover a shared connection. Here, that recognition becomes complicated by economic and social positions, and writer-director’s Eleanor Burke and Ron Eyal find many prickly and uncomfortable moments between their characters along with sweet-tempered ones. Such subtle emotional fluctuations fill the film’s 77 minutes, which pass by with the melancholy softness of a late summer breeze.

Read the full review on the Times Herald-Record blog: http://blogs.hudsonvalley.com/wff/2010/10/04/review-stranger-things/

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